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Inspire for Greatness is on motivation, confidence building, inspiration, mentorship, entrepreneurship, personal development and leadership values on how people rose to greatness or stardom.

Inspire for greatness is targeted on motivational, confidence building and inspirational values that would restore hope and confidence to any reader who is desirous of creating impact in the society as to advance humanity.
Inspire for greatness would also combine issues of global mentorship, personal development and leadership values that propel achievements and successes, breaking through barriers or challenges.

Inspirational epigrams of great men would as well be x-rayed to challenge the entrepreneurial and thought process of one.

Men and women passed great challenges and difficulties before ascending commanding leadership position or excelling in their chosen profession. Some of these people included Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, Barrack Obama, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, James E. Casey, Dr. Nelson Mandela, Ganni Fawehnmi, Benjamin Franklyn, Fanny Crosby, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, Frank Nneji, Chares Allen Ward, Edwin C. Barns, Anthony Enahoro, Henry Ford, John Fope, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Dr, Chuks Osuji. Others are Walt Disney, Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr., Napoleon Hill, Kim II Sung, Florence Nightingale, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Thomas Edison, John Hancock, Richard Henry Lee, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Jim Ovia and Dr, Joachim Ezeji. Inspire for greatness would address on how men and women achieved greatness.

Inspire for greatness would also capture nuggets or words of wisdom of people which men appreciated and applied to turn around issues or events for human growth. It would further identify on how people worked assiduously and conscientiously to achieve greatness attested to by the society.

The articles of this Blog would fall into the following categories:

  • LEADERSHIP: This would highlight the values that energize the spirit man to work towards achieving success in life.

  • PERSONALITY: Men and women who achieved success would be highlighted including the challenges they faced in the pursuit of greatness.

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Entrepreneurial values would be portrayed. In addition, x-ray of persons who achieved commanding heights in entrepreneurship would be illustrated.

  • MENTORSHIP: Issues on mentorship including how people could be mentored would be portrayed. Also how mentorship has helped humanity would be highlighted and characters of people that served as mentors would be x-rayed.

  • INSPIRATIONAL NUGGETS: This would highlight motivation tips that have lifted one from low level to higher level. Those who have imbibed inspiration nuggets have achieved great success in life.

  • GOVERNACE: This would capture works on governance and Nigeria’s political concepts.

Finally, the blog brings a message of hope for all including, professionals, youths, workers, policy makers, students to imbibe positive values including determination and discipline as a way to re-write history for the betterment of humanity and society.