Written by James Okere

Entrepreneurial Ethics; all successful entrepreneurs employ sound business ethics to bring the organization to an enviable position. The essence of entrepreneurial ethics is to build entrepreneurs; whose activities grow wealth in any society.

Entrepreneurial ethics are sound business principles to be employed by entrepreneurs or businessmen as to succeed in life, thereby creating impacts in the society.

Entrepreneurial ethics would lead to positive attitudes towards raising successful entrepreneurs, who would in turn build entrepreneurial institutions for societal growth and advancement.

Akin to entrepreneurial ethics is integrity in business in which a Nigerian Administrator, Emmanuel Ikazoboh described thus, “Integrity matters a great deal. It is very important, even when many scorn you, later they would come back to give you respect”.

When entrepreneurial ethics are followed, the entrepreneurs and the team works with great passion, determination and perseverance to achieve a common purpose.

Sound entrepreneurial ethics makes it possible for business ventures to handle or tackle problems when they arose. Sound entrepreneurial spirit is the way out of un-employment crises many countries are facing especially in the third world countries. Entrepreneurial ethics would lead to gradual development of various sectors in the economy including agriculture, commerce, technology etc.

Without trust, nobody would want to have business relationship with nobody. Such trust and respects builds business empires became credibility has been built.

Entrepreneurial spirits connotes remaining positive with the vision and mission of an organization. It therefore requires great sense of self discipline which grows business empires from humble beginning to a larger conglomerate.

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