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Globally today, an issue that is discussed extensively is Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a topical issue discussed amongst government (local, state and federal), tertiary institutions, institutions including non-governmental organizations, parents, students etc. The discuss has gained prominence because entrepreneurship deals with wealth creation. It deals with meaningful creation of economic activities imbued with talent discovery and development. Entrepreneurship is not only the traditional businesses we are too familiar with; manufacturing/industries, buying and selling. It is now beyond that, which also involved self re-inventing; developing values in a person towards wealth creation.

At World Economic Forum held every year, entrepreneurship is highly discussed. Institutions including the United Nation is also involved in the discussion and promotion of issues of entrepreneurship. International Organizations also discuss entrepreneurship and promote same accordingly via establishing strong institutions to champion entrepreneurship issues. Entrepreneurship, talent development and mentorship values are all complimentary to one another; working for a common purpose towards wealth creation as to make one become self reliant or dependent, which is the end product of entrepreneurship.

From historical accounts and thoughts expressed, entrepreneurship abilities in the youth manifest in ways including as stated below:

Reading/Education: This is the key to knowledge development. The Holy Bible recorded that my people perish for lack of knowledge. Also the French author; Francis Beacon said “Reading makes a man, writing an exact person and conference a ready person”. One major way to advance and have motivation for entrepreneurship is for one to be involved in reading and research on how people succeeded in their chosen career.

Reading books including biographies of men and women, leadership and inspiring books have being established as a sure way to mentor the youths. Ogbo Awoke Ogbo: a Nigerian and founder of Giant thoughts international said “My father’s library stirred me up to what I am today. I wish parents can inculcate reading in their children because it can transform their destinies for the better”.

In addition, when we read we gain insights, knowledge, positive mind set, leadership & management principles, entrepreneurial spirits and intellectual capacity development etc.

Nelson Ikechukwu Nwamara who hails from Umuode village Aba, Abia State, Eastern Nigeria while as a student of Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra State, Eastern Nigeria developed entrepreneurship spirit and became the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Zester Magazine. Zester Magazine was an inspirational work that serves the staff and students of Federal Polytechnic Oko. Nelson admitted that Chief Mike Awoyinfa column in Saturday Sun (newspaper publication in Nigeria) titled Press Clips which he regularly reads inspired him in life towards Entrepreneurial spirits which he has developed.

INSPIRING SEMINARS                                     

Inspiring conferences have also become great entrepreneurship advancement tool. The thoughts shared at such gathering shape the youth entrepreneurship contents, thereby impacting on the economy of the nation. Pastor C. Maxwell; an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author in his book “the 21 irrefutable Laws of Leadership” stated that several years ago while teaching leadership to a group of people in Denver U.S.A., he noticed the activities of a nineteen year old named Brian, who he said he spoke to and encouraged him thus “Brian I’ve been watching you here”, “I said, ”and I’m impressed with how hungry you are to learn and glean and grow. I want to tell you a secret that will change your life”. I believe that in about twenty years, you can be a great leader. I want to encourage you to make yourself a lifelong learner of leadership. Read books, listen to tapes regularly, and keep attending seminars. And whenever you come across a golden nugget of truth or a significant quote, file it away for the future.

Today, Brian Tracy is an accomplished author, leadership expert and motivator.

MENTOESHIP: Recently, Mr. Uyi Akpata of Pricewaterhouse stated during the launch of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) the Young Business Leaders of Nigeria that “from the studies carried out; that Nigeria youths lack people to inspire them to live their dreams”.

Mentorship is that process that is impacted in a person to enable brings him to a position to equal his abilities and talents as to improve one’s personality and influence society positively. The essence of mentorship is to enable the person being mentored to become a change agent in the society. Thus mentorship creates positive values in a person. It creates these values which enable one to succeed in life. These values include hard work, determination, patience, courage etc. Many successful entrepreneurs admitted that the mentorship they received shaped their success drives.

Peter Inung Oluwhu and Paul Inung Akem; as at year 2013 both brothers were undergraduates of Cross River University of Technology, Calabar. Peter was studying Civil Engeering, while Paul was studying Architecture. Both came from Obodu Local Government Area of Cross River State. Their parents were petty fashion designers, who use the power of inspiration to influence their children. These children took interest in fashion design, interior decorations and were busy with their talents while at the University. Their parents, who inspired them into fashion, also bought two sewing machines for them when they got admission and entered the University. With their talents, they were sewing while on campus and making their money. During holidays they were busy with their talents contributing towards economic growth.

Talents Development:                                                                

Speaking on talents, a Nigeria entrepreneur; Hakeem Belo-Osagie said “I think that one thing that makes you happy and successful is to know that your operating at the peak of your abilities”.Dr. Myles Munroe a well known pastor, author and public speaker said “Anyone who develops his gifts will become a community”.Dr. Ben Carson; a world acclaimed Neurologist and an international role model for many youths today said “if you recognize your talents, use them appropriate, and choose a fiel that uses those talents, you will rise to the top of your field”.

Talents are one’s potentials deposited within a person. Talents are brain power for life accomplishments. They are gift from God. They are potentials that need to be identified by one. One need to think deep to become aware of these potentials endowed in him/her. In some cases through divine power one discovers these talents within him or her. In some others, a person is aided to discover the potentials deposited in him via mentorship. Talents are built around one’s vision of life.

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