Walking Towards Greatness

Written by James Okere

...men who decide to achieve success in life takes firm decision and consciously wok their way through.
Greatness connotes success, achievements, reckoning, recognition, prosperous etc. But suffice it to say that Greatness here connotes Godly achievements attested to by the society. Greatness here does not mean flowing in money, but flowing in wealth that guarantees peace, love and imparting humanity and society. In addition, any person desirous of attaining greatness will also in such pursuit face challenges which are surmountable with one’s confidence, courage and faith in God.

There are two clear dimensions of achieving greatness which are intertwined. The SPIRITUAL dimension and the PHYSICAL dimension, you can’t separate the two. They are two coins of the same face.

Your achieving greatness or walking into Greatness takes place here on planet earth. The earth is a creation of God. Your personality is a creation of God. Thus the first principle will be walking in line with God’s power.

The Bible recorded variously on how the first principle (spiritual) of achieving greatness works. Some of these Biblical principles listed below are self explanatory:

1.    God gives power to make wealth.
2.    With God all things are possible.
3.    Commit thy ways unto God’s hand, for He will bless them.
4.    What ever you sow, that you will reap.
5.    A man who works diligently shall stand before great people.

Abraham Lincoln a former United States of America (U.S.A) President who contested election up to seven times before he recorded success recognized the spiritual dimension of achieving greatness when he said “Without the assistance of a Divine being, I cannot succeed. With that assistance, I cannot fail”. In addition, Prof. Olusola Onyewole, a former Vice Chancellor of the University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State Western Nigeria and a one time Regional Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry for West Africa said that “The knowledge of God you have can determine the height that you can go in life. Praying and spending time with God will always assist one… If you learn to start your day early with God, you will find out that you will have a walk over, over other challenges” This proves that God is the source of greatness.

The physical dimension of walking towards Greatness is a fulfillment of the spiritual dimension. The physical dimension is the start up action dimension or taken a step of faith for a chosen cause, hence the Bible recorded that faith without work is meaningless.

The physical dimension goes with the doing concept, determination, perseverance, remaining focused etc.  Thus our discussion on walking towards Greatness will be a combination of both i.e. the spiritual and the physical. We shall marry both together; they cannot be separated in the quest of achieving greatness attested to by the society.    

Therefore, summarily stated, walking towards greatness requires careful planning to achieve desired objective(s) attested to by the society.


1.    Define a cause of action, vision manual or dream plan(s).

2.    Identify your talents and develop same, that is stir up your gifts (2nd Timothy 1: 6). Dr.     Chuks Osuji, OON : a Nigerian political scientist, administrator     and     author have     written 21 (twenty one) books with 11(eleven) of the books authored as a blind    man.

3.    Refuse to be limited by anything. Fanny Cross an American at an early age of her life became blind and remained so till death. It is on record that fanny Cross through her great industry wrote about 8000 religious poems and songs including Pass me not Oh     Gentle Saviour, Blessed Assurance, etc.

4.    Believe you can achieve your vision plans.

5.    Identify a mentor. You can also identify a mentor through reading books, study their foot path and adapt to suit.

6.    Commitment to a course gives compensation. Brain Tracy said “You are always fully compensated for whatever you do, positive or negative”.

7.    Prayer and diligent work. Thinking, planning, and execution moves one to a higher ladder. Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labour (Proverb 12: 24). Prayer to God will effectively reposition our energy to a task. One Nigerian motivational author- Joseph Facorede captured it thus “I have discovered from experience that many Children of God have power to pray like Elijah, have faith like Abraham, but they lack capacity to act like David”.

You must sow before you reap. In praying we keep constant touch with God. In planning we keep thinking and trying or     making move to succeed. When delay hit you in your adventure or dream, just continue to pray. Note the Bible recorded pray without ceasing (1st Thessalonians 5:17).

In addition, when we experience failure in a project we should continue to pray, for God knows the thought He has for you (Jeremiah 29: 11).

8. Acquire Education and Training. The essence of acquiring education and     training is to     get knowledge that would be applied meaningfully. Also reading quality books will also change the intellect of one to advance positively. These books are very handy.  Education also helps in talent discovery and application. With the education you have acquired, try and become a problem solver. By so doing you will get connected and rise to stardom one day. It is a gradual process.

9. Application of Wisdom and knowledge. The Bible recorded that if any one lacks wisdom he should ask for it. Pray always for wisdom and knowledge. Now that you are young, I advise you to get all the relevant knowledge you can. Knowledge is the driving force in this 21st century. Chief Poly Ike Emenike, the Chief Executive of NEROS, a pharmaceutical company based in Lagos, Western Nigeria read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”, when he was 22 (twenty-two) years (1978), and confessed that    the book influenced him into entrepreneurship to the extent that after about 34 (thirty-four) years (in 2012), he was honoured by the Napoleon Foundation. Chief Poly I. Emenike confessed that the book contributed to 95% of what he is today.

Inspiring Greatness Principles

“The path to success is to take massive determined action”
 – Anthony Robbins.

 “The very existence of an idea in your conscious mind means that you have within you    and around you the capacity to turn it into reality”
 –Brian Tracy.

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit”
– Conrad Hilton.

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted” – David Bly.

“Success comes through diligence, discipline and faith. Faith in oneself and more faith in God sustain success”.
– Ebere Uwadoka (Nigerian motivational author).


The role of God in walking towards greatness cannot be put behind by anybody. For no success comes outside God. The creativity one displays is as a result of God’s gifts in one. Alan Mushegan spoke eloquently on God’s role in one’s success. Alan Mushegan Jr. founder and director of Full Ministries, Atlanta, GA, (USA) a renowned conference speaker and author of the book – “17 steps from ZERO TO HERO” said “Like a phoenix, true heroes will often arise out of the ashes. The Lord will miraculously take the things we least expect and use them to transform lives”. He also added “When you place yourself totally in the hand of the Lord, He will transform your weakness into strength and your abilities into true power”.

Finally you must search yourself, discover your dream, have faith in God, and work assiduously (faith with work), then shall you begin the journey: towards walking into greatness as to create impact in the society.

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